Fast food


at mcdonald prices -_-


^ totally Agree

Anonymous: But olive what if it tastes salty??



pussy isn’t gonna taste like strawberries and whipped cream. like, it’s a bodily fluid. your vagina is acidic when it’s in its prime pH. let’s get rid of this idea that we’re supposed to taste like we’re fruits instead of humans. like, yes, you can alter the taste with your diet. but please do not fret if your genitals don’t taste like chocolate pudding.



Will always love this

Sheinside:     http://bit.ly/1rsJPZv
What if …

What if I could take it back to the first day I met you.
The first conversation we had. The first instinct I had when I knew I wanted to be apart of your world . What if I would have met you first , you know … Before him . What if you know ? What if I could just talk to you about the future , aspirations , goals , fears … Everything without being so focused on if you feel the same way I do … Like I do now . What if I never met him & prolonged the time of us not being in a deeper mental spiritual and physical connect ? What if you know . What if I never thought about you every fucking day . Would it change how I feel now ?!
What if I could just … Just lay across your chest & hear your heartbeat as we fall into slumber ? What if I could just hold your hand & tune the world out because your presence is truly enough ? What if … Just what if I could kiss your lips & get the first feelings all over again … What if I just heard you tell me how you truly feel & I could feel my smile illuminate my face like that one night back in July …


What if I never met you ? Would I be sitting here asking myself what if ? Laying here at 3:22 am listening to Thinking About You - because … It fits my mood ? What if nothing ever becomes of us ? That thought is more hurtful then asking what if ? Because I just can imagine not at least trying … Because throughout all the petty arguments and subtweets … I think so much more far ahead . The sweet simplicity of US …

What if there was an US … Would we be amazing … The thought of failure between us really isn’t an option . What if I could stop asking myself what if & we just got our shit together & stopped the games … Stop entertaining everyone & focused on what we have & grow in that …

What if good things DONT come to those who wait ? What if the good girls do finish last ? What if I could feel those feelings in the beginning all over again & stop stressing about how you truly feel … In my gut… I know it’s YOU … I just do . Granted I had my situation when I met you — so what should make you want to be with me in this moment … I’m not too sure . But I left him because all I could do was think of you . Day in . Day out . What if my mind wasn’t so consumed in how I feel ? Fuck . Just what if …

What if I just stopped asking myself
” what if ” ? What if I stop caring or you stop caring — would we just never know … & that’s what scares me the most …

What if I could just take it back to the first day I met you


Ms. Badu


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